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Public Relations Project - Up and Running


The first part of a multi-pronged effort by your NMCA to help shape public opinion in favor of Chiropractic utilization is underway.

We have written and distributed the first Letter to the Editor around New Mexico, and they will be forwarded to all of the newspapers in the state for publication in one of the best read areas of the local and regional papers.

Every so often, when important news breaks regarding our profession here in New Mexico, or, if we just have something to share, we will let the public know through this efficient and low cost method of communication.

Next, we will be developing our own, self-hosted community access cable television talk and interview programming, hosted by local DCs, featuring other members of NMCA and those with whom we do business and interact.

Finally, the program will be complete with the funding and development of radio talk shows, in the 5 major media markets in NM, which overlap, and which also will be hosted by local area DCs and will feature other DCs and those with whom we do business and interact.

All we need to accomplish this entire program is about $3,500 a month, which translates to $100 a month from 35 doctors and professional associates, or $50 a month from 70 members, or $25 a month from 140 members. With this funding, we will cover the entire state of New Mexico on a regular basis, let the population know that we are here, and that we can help them.

Utilizing these three mass media outlets, we will be able to truly reach the public in a way that was not possible in the past, and we will actually be able to help shape public opinion in favor of our excellent and effective methods of restoring health and wellness without drugs or surgery.

Watch your newspapers and televisions, and listen to your radios, as the NMCA is coming your way soon!

Bob Dubin, DC
Director, Central District, and Chair, Membership and PR, New Mexico Chiropractic Association
Past President, California Chiropractic Association (00-02)





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