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88 Dr. Robert Jones

Comments From the President

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you all get fired!

Christine was a 43 year old female who presented to my care with acute low back pain. Itreated her 6 times with wonderful results and she made two more appointments at 1 month intervals to keep her low back feeling well. Then I didn't see her for a while.

Christine and I turned onto opposite ends of the same aisle at Albertson's grocery store and when our eyes met she turned around abruptly and left the aisle. I chased her down and cut her cart off with mine and said, “Christine, it's me Dr. Peer.” (Remember, I'm from New Jersey. This is normal behavior where I'm from.)

“Oh, Dr. Peer, I didn't want to have to tell you that I see another Chiropractor now.” she said.

“Who do you see?”, I asked.

“I see Dr. Byrd now.” She replied.

“Wow, that's great. I love Dr. Byrd. Do you mind telling me why?”, I asked.

“Your thumb! I wanted to chop your thumb off with a Machete! You're way too rough! I don't want that.”

We get hired and fired all the time in our profession but, most of the time, we don't get fired to our faces. Patients typically just quietly leave our practices and try another Chiropractor until they find the one that they like best. Getting fired to your face is a whole new experience. It puts, front and center, what Dr. Rob Jones said in his outgoing President's speech at the NMCA Convention. There is a place for every Chiropractor and every Chiropractic Technique. The patients decide what they want, not us.

When my practice began to get busy, I started to think that my way of providing Chiropractic care was best. I shot off my mouth about some other Chiropractic Techniques and I lost some friends as a result (apologies again to Drs. Goforth and Russo). Christine put right in my face that I don't get to decide what's best, she does. Our patients decide what they want and what they don't want. You may think that “straight chiropractic” should go the way of the dinosaurs. You may think that the APC's are killing Chiropractic.

Perhaps you should go see Dr. Beatty's practice. Perhaps you should go shadow Drs. Lee and Jones for a day. Or, perhaps you could just realize that we are all helping the patients that need the help we're giving and that everyone of us provides a vital service to the patients that need us.

Getting fired to your face turns a light bulb on in your head and lets you know that you're not the one deciding what's best for everyone else. It puts you in your place like very few things can. So, I say this to you in the most loving way possible:

I hope you all get fired!

David W. Peer, DC-APC, CCSP, CEDIR
NMCA President

Letter From The Executive Director



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