President’s Message

Dr. Ryan Rowse
NMCA President

Office: 505-327-4845

“Expectations vs Appreciation”

Recently a group of Chiropractors got together from all over the Four Corners region. This was the first time any of us had gotten together as a group in roughly fifteen years! As president of the NMCA I have encouraged each District Director to set up and carry out a meeting this year with all Chiropractors in their District. Not only Chiropractors who are members of the NMCA, but ALL Chiropractors. Personally, I wanted this type of gathering to be all inclusive. Not limited by how you practice or where you practice. Getting together as a group of friends who sincerely have a lot in common simply based on our chosen profession.

During our lunch one thing came to mind as we laughed, caught up on family, talked shop and met new friends. We were moving. Moving away from a place of “expectation” and closer to a place of “appreciation”. Too many of us have been stuck in a place of expectation for quite some time. We simply believe that Chiropractors will always have a grudge with one another. That there will always be an uncomfortable division based on a technique or a specific set of beliefs, which is simply untrue. I believe that each of us walked away from our lunch meeting closer to a place of “appreciation”. A true appreciation for what we contribute to our profession as individuals. My message to the group that day was very simple. I asked that each of us try in our own way to get more involved. Get more involved in our practices, get more involved in our communities and get more involved in our profession. With this article my message is also simple. I would like each of you who take the time to read it, to think for a couple of minutes. Think of how you can move away from a place of “expectation” and closer to a place of “appreciation”. Feel free to apply this concept in every aspect of your life. Apply it to your family, friends, practice and profession. Do not expect things to simply be done the same way they always have. As we engage with each other on a more personal level we begin to appreciate what each of us can contribute. Appreciate your children, appreciate your spouse, appreciate your staff, appreciate your local and state officials, appreciate those of us who represent you.

As an example, I have chosen to take on a role of leadership in the NMCA and in our state. Not one time did I “expect” things to be done for me, or to be done in the same way they have for years. My deep appreciation goes to those who trusted me to represent them in this role. Those same individuals may have expected me to lead the same way as past presidents of the NMCA. But my hope now is that each Chiropractor in New Mexico can appreciate my unique message. Appreciate my style of leadership and my devotion to the Chiropractors of New Mexico. As winter approaches and we get close to the holiday season, please, do not “expect” anything. Simply “appreciate” all the blessings in your life. Those of us here in leadership roles within the NMCA will continue to fight for all of you, and we truly appreciate your trust.

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