Good Afternoon New Mexico Chiropractors,

NM MAT has published our chiropractic reopening guidelines. With the help of Dr. JC Moore, Dr. Mike Pendleton, Dr. Robert Jones, and our NMCA President Dr. Rowse this has been accomplished. Round of applause for being able to get this done so quickly and efficiently! Thank you!!

A word from Dr. Moore: “With the help of the NMCA leadership we believe we have guidelines that allow us to see any patient and are no longer bound by “emergency patients” only. The biggest issue we advocated for and achieved was not to be limited in patient volume by X % pre-covid as every other medical office has been restricted. Instead the guidelines encourage providers to base their patient volume on office size/layout and patient flow, to respect social distancing, allow for proper sanitation between patients, and limit patient to patient contact. Extra emphasis should be placed on screening patients for covid-19 symptoms or risks BEFORE they enter your office, and again at time of check in. Finally, do not treat a confirmed covid-19 + patient in your office, until they have been cleared by the DOH.

Based on the various guidelines I’ve reviewed so far, I believe the chiropractic guidelines are the least restrictive of any healthcare profession. This however, puts more responsibility on Chiropractic Physicians, to carefully consider all of your office procedures and not treat more patients than you can safely. Be smart.”

Its a great day to be a Chiropractor!


Diana Statzula
NMCA Executive Director

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