The BodyWise Health Center is a family run multidiscipline chiropractic clinic in Espanola, New Mexico. We have been serving the Upper Rio Grande valley for 25 years. I am the chiropractor and focus on the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems. My visits are 20 minutes in length and consist of Diversified adjusting, various myofascial techniques, acupuncture, soft tissue and joint homeopathic injections, flexion distraction, and patient education to assist with “What’s wrong and what can I do about it?” My wife is also a chiropractor and specializes in functional medicine. She is excellent at the interpretation of various labs tests and the utilization of supplements and dietary modifications to bring about balance in the biochemical and hormonal systems.

I am looking for help. I would love to have an associate that we could teach what we do and how to make a living doing it. I would pay a 60/40 split and can help with insurance panel inclusion. The insurance panels in our region are closed. The only way to get on them is thru an associateship.

We work in a ridiculously underserved area. I show up, do my best, have compassion and empathy, and go home. I can garden, mountain bike and ski in the Rockies, and play at the lakes and rivers during the weekends. It’s a beautiful life. Give me a call and let’s talk. Salim Bohsali D.C 505-753-9296,

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