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As the founding organization for the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP), the Congress has six seats on the CCGPP board; all other organizations have only one. Also, the Congress dues to CCGPP are almost three times that of other organizations. The purpose for strong Congress participation in this process is to ensure that it remains balanced and that all chiropractic views are represented. Great in theory but the problem arises on how to support our heavy ongoing participation. Due to shortfalls in the projected budget for 2004, the Congress will be unable to provide financial assistance for the six COCSA representatives to attend the two CCGPP meetings this year: one being held in May in conjunction with the FCLB conference and the other in November in conjunction with the COCSA convention. Therefore, we are asking each Congress member association to make a $200 contribution to help support the travel expenses of your elected representative to attend the CCGPP meetings. Payments should be made to COCSA by check or credit card; MasterCard, VISA and American Express are accepted. District directors will be contacting you by phone in the next two weeks to seek your support for this and to answer any additional questions you have regarding the CCGPP process. Thank you for you consideration in this matter.


Dr. Jonathan Griffiths of Alabama was recently appointed as Secretary of CCGPP leaving his seat as the Congress District 3 representative to CCGPP vacant. In accordance with Congress policy, the COCSA Board of Directors will appoint a new representative to serve until November when the members of District 3 can elect their own representative. Nominating Committee Chairman Dr. Kevin Donovan is seeking nominations from the state associations in District 3 for doctors to serve in this position. Please send name, contact information, and a CV for doctors interested in this position to the Congress office by March 15, 2005. For information on the qualifications and responsibilities of the position, please contact the COCSA office at or 803-356-6809.


As in past years, the Congress is pleased to host the State Association Leader Round Table held in Washington, DC, on Saturday, March 5, in conjunction with ACA’s National Chiropractic Legislative Conference. We encourage state leaders attending NCLC to join us on Saturday morning from 9:00 to noon for lively and informative discussions. The agenda for the meeting follows. We encourage you to come prepared to share information from your state with other state leaders. Please note that times are tentative, and sessions with run simultaneously.


Welcome - Dr. Stephen Simonetti, COCSA President
Working with your Insurance Commissioner - DC Insurance Commissioner Lawrence Mirel and Dr. Angela Salcedo, President of the District of Columbia Chiropractic Association, will discuss how they have worked together on issues and provide insights on how other state leaders might work with their insurance commissioner. (9:05-5-9:30a).


Current Status of PACE – Dr. Kevin Donovan will provide a brief background of COCSA discussions with FCLB regarding their “Providers of Approved Continuing Education” (PACE) program. FCLB Chairman Dr. Richard Cole and Executive Director Donna Liewer will give an update on the status of the program and address state association concerns. (9:30-10:30a).


Best Practices Update - Dr. Wayne Bennett, COCSA’s District 5 representative to CCGPP, will give an update on the best practices initiative. (10:30-11:00a).


PT Attempts to Expand Scope of Practice - Dr. Walt Engle, COCSA Treasurer, will lead a discussion of attempts by physical therapists to expand their scope of practice to include manipulation. (11:00a-Noon).


COCSA leaders will also be making presentations on Straighten Up America to the ACA House of Delegates and to SACA (ACA’s student organization).

The HIPAA Security deadline is now less than 70 days away, and the Congress encourages all state association members to make sure their members are properly prepared. We have been working with 3DGrid to provide education and automated solutions for the chiropractic profession with programs that financially benefit the Congress and your state association in the process. Details for these programs are as follows:

Education – 3DGrid has several programs to educate your members. They have three online workshops (webinars) designed to help. Your members can attend the first Security Introduction workshop for FREE. The second two webinars are $49 each. 3DGrid can provide you with a flyer about these workshops for email or fax distribution to your members. They can also provide a banner announcement for your website. In addition to the webinar announcement, 3DGrid has a count-down timer you can put on your web site to ensure everyone visiting is aware of the coming deadline. They also provide articles and free materials that you can disseminate to your members or include in newsletters. To obtain promotional information, website banners, or newsletter articles, contact Tobin Arthur at 3DGrid, 206.568.3434 ext. 111.

State Association Affinity Program - If your association will help get the word out, 3DGrid will offer HIPAA Checkup (their industry leading compliance software for small practices) to your members at the preferred price of $495. This is $200 off the MSRP. In addition, your association gets $50 for every sale to one of your members and a contribution is made to COCSA. You don't have to do a thing…your doctors buy through 3DGrid and 3DGrid sends you and COCSA a check each month.

While it seems cliché, time is running out and you need to act quickly to insure that your members are properly educated about HIPAA. 3DGrid can help. Give them a call today to get signed up as a Preferred Partner and take advantage of these programs offered through the Congress.


The Congress is gearing up for our fourth annual Backpack Safety Awareness Month (BSAM) in April. The biggest change to the program this year is fulfillment of backpack safety kits through the Congress office. This had previously been handled by Airpacks. Bringing BSAM kits in-house allows us to offer them at a reduced price. Doctors who are members of a state association can purchase a kit for $160. The cost for doctors who are not a member of a state association is $265. The 2005 kit will contain the Backpack Safety Manual, a video featuring Professor Posture and the Backpack Bully, 125 leave behind brochures, an Airpacks backpack, and a copy of the daily spinal health exercise module, Straighten Up America. Airpacks, Inc. is still the backpack sponsor for the program, and we hope to generate referrals for backpack safety awareness presentations from Office Depot’s new PTA websites that contain a link to COCSA for schools interested in scheduling a presentation. We are in the process of updating the BSAM manual and should have kits ready for distribution by mid to late March. Now is the time to start promoting this program to your member doctors. A new flyer for 2005 has been created and is available from the COCSA website at State association can obtain a customized flyer by contacting the Congress office at or 803-356-6809.


In an effort to accomplish COCSA’s goal of “making it a good business decision for every chiropractor to be a member of his/her state association,” the Congress is in the process of developing a program for your members to do spinal screenings in mattress stores that carry the Congress-endorsed Eclipse mattresses. This is a great opportunity for your member doctors to market to new patients, a great marketing opportunity for retailers to have a chiropractor on premise for a day, and great exposure for the chiropractic profession. We are considering the possibility of incorporating "Straighten Up America" into the program, offering royalty payments to state associations from ChiroMatic mattress sales, providing training for chiropractors on mattress support and how it affects spinal health, and offering a special discount coupon towards the purchase of a ChiroMatic mattress for those doctors who volunteer their time to participate in the spinal screening program. Details of the program will be developed at the upcoming COCSA Board Planning Meeting that is scheduled for March 17-20. To assist us with our planning, please let us know if your state association would be interested in participating in this program by sending an email to Janet Jordan, CAE, at by March 15, 2005.


Gary Cuneo will be leaving his post later this year as Executive Vice President of the American Chiropractic Association, and the ACA is seeking candidates to fill his position. Following is the job posting: EVP will head ACA’s Washington, DC headquarters operations and report to the Chairman of the Board of Governors. Prerequisites: 5 years association management experience; bachelor’s in business administration, public administration, accounting or economics; MBA or equivalent in association management experience, and/or Certified Association Executive; experience in managing large association activities covering government and regulatory affairs, member development/retention and services, and communications. Knowledge of health care and managed care desired. Position offers competitive base salary, bonus, perquisites and benefits. Send resume and salary history in confidence to: American Chiropractic Association, Attn: Selection Committee, 1701 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209.





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