Dr. Waldt is both a medical physician and a chiropractor. In our office, we specialize in providing osteopathic manipulative medicine, chiropractic care, and MSKUS-guided peripheral joint injections. Our emphasis is on CBP/Gonstead/Diversified.This is a full-time, permanent chiropractor position.
You are the right doctor for us if you have a big heart and care deeply about the patients you serve. Please be willing to work in a fast-paced environment. Please have a high degree of confidence and leadership skills. Please also be humble and teachable. Dr. Waldt is a physician who cares. We pride ourselves in the caring and positive, friendly atmosphere in our office.Our associate program provides the highest quality training in patient and practice management. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. We’ll provide you with a large percentage of the new patients needed to grow a practice. Will also provide you the means and the training to acquire other new patients. It is the intent of our associate program to develop the doctor to such a degree that they can go out on their own in 2-3 years, if they choose, and duplicate or exceed our success in a short period of time.The compensation is a base salary + a very generous production bonus. If you’re hard-working, you should easily be able to reach the $100k-120K/year mark by your 2nd year. Sky is the limit beyond year #2. Dr. Waldt will help you get there.We do not provide health insurance or 401k.
If you know of any qualified candidates, or if you would like to interview for this position, please email me as soon as possible. Please have an active NM chiropractic license.-Dr.Waldt. GlennWa@PCOM.edu

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