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Chiropractor of the month

For the month of June 2019


BBVA Compass


Alicia Pino
505 Marquette Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

At BBVA Compass, we’re in the business of providing you products that combine speed and ease – all while keeping you in control of your financial journey. We provide financial education to help you obtain financial stability for both your consumer and business finances, at no charge. We pride ourselves on the ability to be outbound to help you run your business, and bring the bank to you.




Craft 1861


CRAFT 1861 
Eric Lujan
3301 Coors Blvd NW #263, Albuquerque NM  87109

CRAFT 1861 is the leader in providing the incredible health and lifestyle benefits of CBD use. Our pioneering research and manufacturing standards means our products are crafted to enhance and improve everyday activities and experiences. We are innovators to our very core. The products we create are simple, natural and sustainable. Through integrity and honesty, we strive to push the status quo in the pursuit of excellence. We manufacture safe and effective products by using quality sourced ingredients. We believe in giving a genuine experience to the world. That’s why the time has come for you to explore something new...experience the CRAFT 1861 difference.




Jindal CPA Firm


Sandhya Jindal
8612 Eagle Rock Ave. NE

According to the statistics compiled by Social Security Administration, 1 in 100 chiropractors retire WEALTHY.   Four more will become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT to live a life well designed. What is the secret of the upper 5%?
With the right strategies you may be able to reduce taxes today and retire in the 0% tax bracket tomorrow.
With the recent Tax Cut and Jobs Act changes, Chiropractors fall under specified service business group and will not qualify for the pass through 20% business deduction if they make over a certain threshold.
The Big Question is – what new measures you can adopt NOW to impact a positive change in your present and future wealth?
At JINDAL CPA FIRM, my team and I help our clients save anywhere from $11,000 – $83,000 in taxes each year within 60 days of working with us.
As a CPA and tax strategist, I only work with Chiropractors and Dentists and focus on the key framework of – 1) Reducing your taxes by at least $11k 2) Applying strategies on Wealth Creation (increase Net Profit) 3) Setting present and future financial goals and specific timeline to achieve them 4) Incorporating a successful cash-flow system.
We recently helped a client save $27k in taxes this year and each year going forward aggregating to $135k savings in 5 years. Reducing her taxes each year by $27k, she will take an extra $4.4m at the time of retirement.
Our Chiropractor clients reach their goal of enjoying a lifestyle they desire and retire in the upper 5% in comparison to their peers.






Craig Ladd
3000 Meridian Blvd., Suite 400, Franklin TN 37067
800-423-1504, ext. 2750

A leader in medical professional liability protection, OUM has diligently provided peace of mind to chiropractors for many years, regardless of their philosophy. We offer one of the strongest value propositions in the industry- financial strength, comprehensive coverage, risk management support, claims defense and superior customer service.
Mixed methods. Straight Support.






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