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From left to right: Dr. Steve Perlstein, Dr. William Doggett,
Governor Susana Martinez, Dr. Cathlynn Groh, Dr. Bobby Perea.

Governor Susana Martinez Proclaims
October Chiropractic Health Month in NM
Click HERE to read the Governor's Proclamation


For detailed Legislative Session information go to From that page you can find information on the Bills submitted and where they are in the system, information on individual Legislators, committee member lists and just about anything you might be interested in knowing.

Some of our articles are in PDF (Portable Document Files) format. To read these you need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download it free. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


2015 Legislative Session

NMCA Legislation

    HB 388 ~ Physical Rehab Cost Sharing

    SB190 ~ Discrimination Against Health Providers

    SB359 ~ Physical Rehab Cost Sharing Limits

    SB376 ~ Chiropractic Medicine & Advanced Practice
                             FIR ~ Fiscal Impact Report


Legislation of Interest to Chiropractic Profession

    HB 122 ~ Scope of Practice Act

    HB 384 ~ Osteopathic Physician Prescriptions

    SB 21 ~ Collection and Disposal of Unused Drugs

    SB 22 ~ Drug Overprescribing Hotline

    SB 220 ~ HMO Credentialing Requirements

    SB 318 ~ Sunset Dates for Certain Agencies

    SB 367 ~ Optometrist Prescribing Powers

    SB 615 ~ Physician & Assistant Collaboration


Lobbyist Weekly Reports

Chiropractors 1.25.2015

Chiropractors 2.1.2015 

Chiropractors 2.7.2015

Chiropractors 2.14.2015

Chiropractors 2.28.2015

Chiropractors 3.8.2015



2014 Legislative Session

NMCA Legislation

    HB284 - Equalizes Cost-Sharing For Healthcare Providers (Co-Pay Bill)

    SB329 - Advanced Practice Certification

Legislation of Interest to Chiropractic Profession

    HB41 - GRT Deduction: Medical Services Income From Federal Energy Employees Program

    HB118 - GRT Deduction: Health Care Receipts

    SJM6 - Health Care Work Force Working Group

Lobbyist Weekly Reports





Interview With Linda Siegle, NMCA Lobbyist, Post 2013 Legislative Session Regarding NMCA Sponsored Legislation:

New Mexico State Legislature for 2013 begins on January 15 and will end on March 16.

For information on the Affordable Health Care Act  and how it will impact New Mexicans, please go to the following links: and

Article on Recent Event in New Mexico regarding Health Care Reform: Chiropractic Opportunities in Health Care by Dr. Michael Pridham, DC, APC


PPACA  ~~  To  follow the progression of  the Affordable Care Act, please go to the Department of Labor web site at the following link:

ACA Online Advocacy Center to Bolster Support for Chiropractic on Capitol Hill : TAKE A MOMENT TO HELP YOUR PROFESSION. Visit the ACA Advocacy Center.



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